Rabi ul Awwal 2022 | 26 September to 25 October 2022

Rabi ul Awwal is the third month of the Islamic calendar and it is the month which comes after Safar. Rabi ul Awwal 2022 starts from 26 September to 25 October 2022. The word "Rabi" means "spring" and Al-awwal means "the first" in Arabic language, so "Rabi' al-awwal" means "The first spring" in Arabic language. The name seems to have to do with the celebration events in the month as "spring" is the end to winter (symbol of sadness) and consequently the start of happiness.

Mawlid - the birthday of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad is on the twelfth of this month,

The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, and months begin when the first crescent of a new moon is sighted. Since the Islamic lunar calendar year is 11 to 12 days shorter than the tropical year

Rabi ul Awwal 2022 Calendar

Date Day Hijri
26-September, 2022 Monday 1-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
27-September, 2022 Tuesday 2-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
28-September, 2022 Wednesday 3-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
29-September, 2022 Thursday 4-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
30-September, 2022 Friday 5-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
01-October, 2022 Saturday 6-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
02-October, 2022 Sunday 7-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
03-October, 2022 Monday 8-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
04-October, 2022 Tuesday 9-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
05-October, 2022 Wednesday 10-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
06-October, 2022 Thursday 11-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
07-October, 2022 Friday 12-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
08-October, 2022 Saturday 13-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
09-October, 2022 Sunday 14-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
10-October, 2022 Monday 15-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
11-October, 2022 Tuesday 16-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
12-October, 2022 Wednesday 17-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
13-October, 2022 Thursday 18-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
14-October, 2022 Friday 19-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
15-October, 2022 Saturday 20-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
16-October, 2022 Sunday 21-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
17-October, 2022 Monday 22-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
18-October, 2022 Tuesday 23-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
19-October, 2022 Wednesday 24-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
20-October, 2022 Thursday 25-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
21-October, 2022 Friday 26-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
22-October, 2022 Saturday 27-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
23-October, 2022 Sunday 28-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444
24-October, 2022 Monday 29-Rabi'ul Awwal-1444