10 Jun, 2023 | Saturday 21-Dhu al-Qadah-1444
16 Sunnah Acts of Wudu

Any act performed in addition to the obligatory acts of Wudu is considered desirable, and are called Sunnah acts for performing ablution, Whoever observes them will be rewarded. Therefore, scholars call such acts the acts of the Sunnah to be observed while performing ablution or the desirable rituals of Wudu.

  1. Reciting “Bismillah” before you begin.
  2. Do Miswak and clean your teeth and tongue with a brush or other means.
  3. Say Bismi again. Then Pray"
  4. Wash both hands.
  5. rinsing the mouth and the nose, before washing the face.
  6. pass wet fingers upwards beginning from under the chin.
  7. pass wet fingers of the right hand through the left and the left’s through the right hand and passes the small finger of the left hand between the toes at the point of the feet
  8. wipe the head completely.
  9. wipe the inner sides of the ears with the forefingers and upper sides with the thumbs.
  10. Carefully wash the fingers and toes.
  11. Start with the right organs before the left
  12. Wash the face, hands, and feet up to 3 times instead of once.
  13. To wash all parts (limbs) in so succession that the first one does not go dry on washing the next.
  14. Carefully wash the area such as the mound and the pit.
  15. Turn towards the Qibla.
  16. Raise your eyes and hands to the sky and make dua.
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