28 Mar, 2023 | Tuesday 6-Ramadan-1444
Name Arabic Gender Meaning View
Padida پدیده Girls marvelous , fascinating View More
Paivand پيوند Boys and Girls connection’, oath , promise , relation , kin View More
Pania پانیا Girls guardian , protector View More
Paniz پانيذ Girls sugar View More
Parand پَرَند Girls beautiful , soft View More
Parandis پَرَنديس Girls silk-like , figuratively meaning beautiful , soft View More
Parang پرنگ Girls gleam of a sword , gleam of a jewel View More
Paransa پَرَنسا Girls beautiful , soft View More
Parastesh پرستش Girls worship View More
Parastu پرستو Girls swallow View More
Pardees پَرديس Girls paradise View More
Paree پري Girls fairy , which means extremely beautiful View More
Pareechehr پري‌چهر Girls fairy-faced View More
Pareechehra پرى‌چهره Girls fairy-faced , fairy-like in complexion View More
Pareedokht پريدخت Girls extremely beautiful View More
Pareerokh پري‌رخ Girls extremely beautiful . View More
Pareesa پَريسا Girls beautiful like a fairy View More
Pareesan پَريسان Girls extremely beautiful View More
Pareesima پرى‌سيما Girls fairy-faced , one who has the appearance of a fairy View More
Pareezad پري‌زاد Girls one who is from the race of fairies , View More
Paria پريا Girls extremely beautiful View More
Parigol پري‌گل Girls beautiful . View More
Parimah پرى ماه Girls beautiful , radiant View More
Parina پَرينا Girls like feather View More
Parinaz پرى‌ناز Girls charming and beautiful , from the words Pari ( fairy , extremely beautiful woman ) and Naz ( charm , beauty ) View More
Parinoush پرينوش Girls eternally beautiful , always beautiful , from the words Pari ( fairy , extremely beautiful woman ) and noush ( eternal ). View More
Parishad پرى‌شاد Girls beautiful and joyous , from the words Pari ( fairy ) and shad ( happy ) View More
Parivash پریوش Girls beautiful like a fairy View More
Pariwash پەریوەش Girls beautiful like a fairy View More
Parla پارلا Girls radiant , glowing View More
Parmeen پارمین Girls crystal View More
Parmees پارمیس Girls little paradise View More
Parnia پَرنيا Boys canvas View More
Parnian پَرنيان Girls canvas View More
Partou پَرتو Girls radiance , ray of light View More
Parva پَروا Girls focus , concentration View More
Parvana پروانه Girls butterfly View More
Parvar پَرور Girls nurture , upbringing View More
Parveendokht پروين‌دخت Girls a girl who looks like Parveen View More
Paryan پريان Girls fairy-like , thus meaning extremely beautiful View More
Parzheen پَرژین Girls fence , hedge of flowers View More
Pegah پگاه Girls dawn , very early morning View More
Pinar پینار Girls spring , fountain View More
Piraya پيرایه Girls adornment , jewels , jewelry , gold View More
Piruza پيروزه Girls turquoise View More
Porgul پُرگل Girls full of flowers , adorned with flowers View More
Porushat پُروشات Girls filled with happiness , full of joy View More
Pounaa پونا Girls pennyroyal View More
Pounah پونه Girls pennyroyal View More
Pouran پوران Girls beautiful , rosy-cheeked View More
Purandokht پوران‌دخت Girls beautiful , rosy-cheeked View More
Purnush پُرنوش Girls sweet , beautiful , adorable . View More
Pursa پُرسا Girls inquirer View More
Puyah پويه Girls goal , aim View More

Children are the coolness of our eyes and they bring joy and happiness to our lives. As you embark on this next stage of your journey, isubqo family wishes you the best.

Names are important. They have a purpose in our lives and can be a source of blessings. Our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) encouraged us to give our children good names.

We pray that your child grows up healthy and strong, intelligent and wise, and loves this religion, and will become a person of good character. Ameen.

Muslims have some very simple rites for welcoming a child.

Azan is the first words a newborn Muslim baby should hear. They are whispered into the right ear of the child by his or her father.

How a name affect on them

Our leaders say what is the Islamic way of naming a child. Can we give two names or should it be a single name? What about the middle name and the last name. First of all Mohammed, it is one of your child's rights over you that you give him a proper Islamic name.

Someone with names such as wolf or Lucas or names of insects and reptiles, what is this is an injustice to your child.

You have to give the child a good name. Nowadays we have these westernized liberal Muslims, who avoid to the best of their ability.

Any name that is Islamic so a man is given a child and you tell him, okay call the child Mohammed, called the child Zainab said, no I'd like to call it that my son as Daniel. Why he said because when the Westerners call him they would say, Danny. It's a Western name so it's yeah any possible they couldn't know that he's a Muslim girl.

You have to give your child a name that he would be proud of and that he would relate to.

In some Arab countries give two names to a child the first name by default is Mohammed seeking the blessing so my name is awesome my father would call me Mohammad Ahsan and his name is Muhammad Lachman and his father's name is Muhammad Yunus.

May Allah Bless You