29 May, 2023 | Monday 9-Dhu al-Qadah-1444
Name Arabic Gender Meaning View
Laaiq لَائِق Boys suitable , qualified , eligible . View More
Laaiqah لَائِقَة Girls suitable , qualified , eligible View More
Labeeb لَبِيب Boys intelligent , sagacious , sensible , judicious View More
Labeebaa لَبِيْبَا Girls intelligent , quick to understand , judicious , sensible View More
Labeebah لَبِيبَة Girls intelligent , quick to understand , judicious , sensible . View More
Labis لَابِس Boys wearer , coverer View More
Labisah لابسة Girls wearer View More
Ladeenaa لَدِينَا Girls gentle , good-mannered . View More
Ladeenah لَدِينَة Girls gentle , good-mannered View More
Lahiq لَاهِق Boys white-colored . View More
Lahjah لَهْجَة Boys dialect , accent . View More
Lahzah لَحْظَة Girls moment , instance View More
Laidan لَيْدَن Boys gentle , good-mannered . View More
Lail لَيْل Boys and Girls Night View More
Laila ليلى Girls ecstasy , intoxication View More
Lailah لَيْلَة Girls night View More
Lailan لَيْلَان Boys and Girls like the night . View More
Lailat لَيْلَات Girls nights View More
Laily لَيْلِيّ Girls nightly , like the night , belonging to the night View More
Laith لَيْث Boys lion View More
Laithaa لَيْثَا Girls lioness View More
Laithah لَيْثَة Girls lioness View More
Laithi لَيْثيّ Boys brave , like a lion View More
Lala لاله Girls tulip View More
Lalaa لَألَاء Girls shine , glimmer , shimmer View More
Lalee لَآلئ Girls Gold, Ruby, Pearl, and Coral View More
Lalezar لاله‌زار Girls field of tulips View More
Lamaah لَمْعَة Girls shine , glimmer , glitter View More
Lamaan لَمَعَان Boys and Girls glimmer , shimmer , glow . View More
Lameek لَمِيك Boys one whose eyelids are attractively dark View More
Lamees لَمِيس Boys soft to the touch , smooth View More
Lamihah لَامِحَة Girls one who glances . View More
Lamis لَامِس Boys toucher View More
Lana لانَ Girls Tender and Delicate View More
Larisaa لاريسا Girls precious , valuable View More
Lasiniyyah لَسِنِيَّة Girls eloquent , fluent View More
Lasnaa لَسْنَا Boys eloquent , fluent . View More
Latafat لَطَافَت Boys and Girls gentleness , kindness View More
Latayif لَطَايف Girls gentle , kind View More
Lateef لَطِيْف Boys Gentle | Kind, Compassionate and Tenderhearted View More
Lateefa لَطِيْفَة Girls Gentle | Kind, Compassionate and Tenderhearted View More
Latifi لَطِيِفِي Boys gentle , kind View More
Lawahiz لَوَاحظ Boys and Girls eyes View More
Laweeh لَوِيح Girls apparent , visible , manifest . View More
Layaal لَيَال Girls nights View More
Layan لَيان Girls Tender and Delicate View More
Layliyyah لَيْلِيَّة Girls nightly , belonging to the night , like the night View More
Layyanah لَيَّانة Girls affable , friendly , mild , gentle . View More
Layyasah لَيَّاسَة Girls brave , courageous . View More
Layyin لَيِّنٌ Girls gentle, soft, delicate View More
Layyina ليّنة Girls soft View More
Lazim لَازِم Boys wished for , sought after , in demand , desired . View More
Lazimah لَازِمَة Girls wished for , sought after , in demand , desired . View More
Leanne لِيان Girls softness View More
Leen لِينٌ Girls soft View More
Leena لِينَةٌ Girls young palm tree View More
Leeniyyah لِينيَّة Girls gentle View More
Liaqat لياقت Boys delicacy View More
Lilia ليليا Girls night View More
Lilufar ليلوفر Girls waterlily View More
Liqa لِقَاء Girls to meet View More
Lisanuddin لِسَان الدِّين Boys tongue of the faith View More
Liwaa لِوَاء Girls flag View More
Liyana لِيانَةٌ Girls softness View More
Lohrasb لُهراسب Boys owner of fast horses View More
Luay لُأَيْ Boys flat area of sand View More
Lubabaa لُبَابَا Girls pure View More
Lubabah لُبَابَة Girls pure View More
Lubaib لُبَيْب Boys pure View More
Lubaibah لُبَيْبَة Girls pure View More
Lughah لُغَة Girls language View More
Luha لُهَا Girls measure View More
Luham لُهَام Boys and Girls great View More
Lujain لُجَيْن Boys and Girls silver View More
Luluah لُؤْلؤة Girls bead of pearl View More
Lumaihah لُمَيْحَة Girls glance View More
Luqman لُقْمَان Boys a person mentioned in the Quran. View More
Lutah لُتَاح Boys intelligent, sensible View More
Lutaif لُطَيْف Boys gentle View More
Lutaifah لُطَيْفَة Girls gentle, kind View More
Lutf لُطْف Boys gentleness View More
Lutfah لُطْفَة Girls gentleness View More
Lutfan لُطْفَان Boys gentleness View More
Lutfi لُطْفِي Boys gentle View More
Lutfullah لُطْف الله Boys gentleness of God View More
Lutfurrahman لُطف الرحمن Boys gentleness of God , kindness of God , View More
Luwaibid لُوَيْبد Boys little lion View More
Luwaih لُوَيْح Boys apparent, prominent View More
Luwaihah لُوَيْحة Girls canvas View More

Children are the coolness of our eyes and they bring joy and happiness to our lives. As you embark on this next stage of your journey, isubqo family wishes you the best.

Names are important. They have a purpose in our lives and can be a source of blessings. Our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) encouraged us to give our children good names.

We pray that your child grows up healthy and strong, intelligent and wise, and loves this religion, and will become a person of good character. Ameen.

Muslims have some very simple rites for welcoming a child.

Azan is the first words a newborn Muslim baby should hear. They are whispered into the right ear of the child by his or her father.

How a name affect on them

Our leaders say what is the Islamic way of naming a child. Can we give two names or should it be a single name? What about the middle name and the last name. First of all Mohammed, it is one of your child's rights over you that you give him a proper Islamic name.

Someone with names such as wolf or Lucas or names of insects and reptiles, what is this is an injustice to your child.

You have to give the child a good name. Nowadays we have these westernized liberal Muslims, who avoid to the best of their ability.

Any name that is Islamic so a man is given a child and you tell him, okay call the child Mohammed, called the child Zainab said, no I'd like to call it that my son as Daniel. Why he said because when the Westerners call him they would say, Danny. It's a Western name so it's yeah any possible they couldn't know that he's a Muslim girl.

You have to give your child a name that he would be proud of and that he would relate to.

In some Arab countries give two names to a child the first name by default is Mohammed seeking the blessing so my name is awesome my father would call me Mohammad Ahsan and his name is Muhammad Lachman and his father's name is Muhammad Yunus.

May Allah Bless You

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