29 Mar, 2023 | Wednesday 7-Ramadan-1444
Name Aalifa
Arabic العليفة
Gender Girls
Meaning kind
Alternate Names Aliyphah, Aliyfeh, Aliyfah, Alepheh, Alephah, Alefeh, Alefah, Aleyphah, Aleyfeh, Aleyfah, Alipheh, Aliphah, Alifeh, Alifah, Alypheh
details Arabic for “kind”, “compassionate”, “friendly”.
Name Arabic Gender Meaning View
Aamad عماد Boys periods of time View More
Aameen أمين Boys Oh Allah, accept our prayer View More
Aamin آمن Boys safe View More
Aamir عَامِر Boys prosperous View More
Aamira عَامِرَة Girls prosperous, full of life View More
Aalif أليف Boys kind View More
Aali عَالِي Boys lofty, sublime, most high, exalted View More
Aalam عَالَم Boys world View More
Aala أَعْلى Boys supreme, exalted, high in status View More
Aakifah عَاكِفَة Girls woman who stays at the mosque to worship Allah View More