29 May, 2023 | Monday 9-Dhu al-Qadah-1444
Name Aakifah
Arabic عَاكِفَة
Gender Girls
Meaning woman who stays at the mosque to worship Allah
Alternate Names Aakifa, Akifa, Akifah, Akefa, Aakefa, Akefah, Aakefah, Akifeh, Aakefeh, Aakiyphah, Aakiyfeh, Aakiyfah, Aakepheh, Aakephah, Aakefeh
details Aakifah is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “woman who stays at the mosque to worship Allah”, “woman who stays away from people to dedicate herself to Allah”, a woman who is like Maryam (Mary), mother of Jesus, peace be upon them, who dedicates herself to Allah. Aakifah is derived from the AIN-K-F root which is used in many places in the Quran.
Name Arabic Gender Meaning View
Aala أَعْلى Boys supreme, exalted, high in status View More
Aalam عَالَم Boys world View More
Aali عَالِي Boys lofty, sublime, most high, exalted View More
Aalif أليف Boys kind View More
Aalifa العليفة Girls kind View More
Aakif عَاكِف Boys one who stays at the mosque to worship Allah View More
Aaiza عَائِضة Boys replacement View More
Aaiz عَائِض Boys replacement View More
Aaidun عَائِدون Boys returning View More
Aahoo ااهو Girls gazelle, beautiful-eyed, beloved View More
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