29 Mar, 2023 | Wednesday 7-Ramadan-1444
Name Aamir
Arabic عَامِر
Gender Boys
Meaning prosperous
Alternate Names Aamer, Aamyr, Amir, Amer, Amere, Aamere, Amir, Aamire
details Aamir is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means “prosperous”, “full of life”, “one who has a long and prosperous life”. It is derived from the AIN-M-R root (“lifetime”, “to inhabit and enliven”) which is used in many places in the Quran.
Name Arabic Gender Meaning View
Aamira عَامِرَة Girls prosperous, full of life View More
Aana آناء Girls moments, hours of the night View More
Aaneseh آنسه Boys virtuous woman View More
Aanil أنيل Girls to bring to memory View More
Aaqil عَاقِل Boys wise, discerning View More
Aamin آمن Boys safe View More
Aameen أمين Boys Oh Allah, accept our prayer View More
Aamad عماد Boys periods of time View More
Aalifa العليفة Girls kind View More
Aalif أليف Boys kind View More