29 May, 2023 | Monday 9-Dhu al-Qadah-1444
Name Aaiz
Arabic عَائِض
Gender Boys
Meaning replacement
Alternate Names Aeizz, Aeize, Aeizze, Aeiz, Aezz, Aeze, Aezze, Aez, Ayzz, Ayze, Ayzze, Ayz, Aeyzz,Aeyze, Aeyzze
details Arabic for “replacement”, “something fills the place of another thing”, “a gift from Allah given to you in place of something that was taken from you”.
Name Arabic Gender Meaning View
Aaiza عَائِضة Boys replacement View More
Aakif عَاكِف Boys one who stays at the mosque to worship Allah View More
Aakifah عَاكِفَة Girls woman who stays at the mosque to worship Allah View More
Aala أَعْلى Boys supreme, exalted, high in status View More
Aalam عَالَم Boys world View More
Aaidun عَائِدون Boys returning View More
Aahoo ااهو Girls gazelle, beautiful-eyed, beloved View More
Aafiya عَافِيَة Girls health, freedom from illness View More
Aafira عافرة Girls one who waters a plant for the first time View More
Aafiq آفِق Boys one who has reached the pinnacle of grace, generosity of knowledge View More
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