Name Aafiq
Arabic آفِق
Gender Boys
Meaning one who has reached the pinnacle of grace, generosity of knowledge
Alternate Names Afiq, Afeq, Aafeq, Afek, Aafek, Afik, Aafik, Aephiyq, Aepheq, Aepheyq, Aephiq, Aefiyq, Aefeqe, Aefeqq, Aefeque
details Aafiq is an indirect Quranic name for boys that means “one who has reached the pinnacle (highest point) of grace, generosity of knowledge”. It is derived from the A-F-Q root that literally means “periphery” and commonly refers to the horizon, because a point on the horizon is the most distant point from the center of the sky that can be seen, and the meaning of Aafiq comes from the notion that such a person has reached the farthest point of grace or knowledge, and thus they have more of it than anyone else.

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