29 Mar, 2023 | Wednesday 7-Ramadan-1444
Easy Way to Perform Salatul Layl

Salatul Layl is one of the most outstanding deeds with incredible rewards. It brings about rizq and the illumination of the heart brings about the health of the body , forgiveness of sins, acceptance of deeds, ease and light in the grave, the displeasure of shaytan, and more.

When we perform salat ul layl, the night prayer Allah SWT says to his angels: Look at my servant, his body is worshipping me but his soul is with me, bear witness I have forgiven them.

Before you think night prayer is too much or perhaps not for you, wait! It's much easier to do than you think and the impact on your life will be tremendously amazing. Inshallah

When Can I pray it?

According to some scholars, you can pray it just after isha prayers. i.e, you don't need to wait till midnight, you have until fajr time.

How many Rakats do you want to pray for?

Usually Salat ul Layl is 11 rakats. but you can pray 9, 7, 5, 3 or just one rakat. You can pray it by standing, sitting or even lying on your bed.

How to pray salat ul layl?

First of all the intention, I am praying night prayer.Then thakbeerathul Ihram. and perform two rakat Salah.Read any surah after Suratul Fatiha. Do this four times. That's a total of eight rakats. Then perform two rakat salah as follows.

After surat Al-Fatiha in the first rakat you recite surat An-nas and in the second rakat, after surat Al-Fatiha surat An-Falaq. Now it will be a total of 10 rakat.

In the final rakat, after surat Al-Fatiha, three times Surah Ikhlas then Surat un-Naas and Surat ul-Falaq. Raise your hands in du'a, . Then recite 70 times "Astaghfirullah wa 'atubu iIayh". Then seven times: "hadha maqam al-a'idee bika min an-Nar". Then 300 times "Al-Afw".

Once you finish this, you can ask for your halal needs to Allah SWT, then go to ruku', then stand, then sujood and then complete the prayer. Whilst reciting the 70 times "Astaghfirullah wa 'atubu iIayh" or for example, the 300 times "Al-Afw", you can hold the tasbih or in fact use your hands.