29 May, 2023 | Monday 9-Dhu al-Qadah-1444
8 Conditions of  Wudu

There are certain conditions, Obligatory Acts and sunnah act for wudu and ghusl.

Let us first describe Wudu.

  1. Being a Muslim
  2. Being mentally sound
  3. Having discretion
  4. Take wudu with Tahur water

    What is Tahur Water

    According to Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), water is generally classified into three categories

    One is Tahur, which means water that is naturally clean and helps to purify other things.

    Tahur water is needed to take a shower, bathe and clean the waste.

    River water, seawater, ice water and well water are all brackish water.

    Two Tahirs is water that is self-purifying but not used to purify other things.

    For example coconut water and fruit juices are clean. That is why we drink it. But they do not help to clean other objects. Therefore, they should not be used for wudu or ghusl.

    Three najas contaminated water, which is also not suitable for purification.

    Water that is less than two feet [2 m] deep will contaminate it. Water that is two quarts or more can become contaminated only if it contaminates and changes color, odor, or taste.

    Once the water used for wudu or ghusl is less than two cubits, then it is not possible to bathe or bathe. If there are more than two khuls, it can be used again for purification.

  5. Drain the water in the organs

    Wudu will not heal if touched with water. The organs must be hydrated. But water should not flow into the organs where imprisonment alone is mandatory.

  6. There should be no contaminants in the water, and there should be no contaminants on the washed organs, even if they are non-polluting substances.
  7. Avoid wax and oil-containing substances that prevent water from entering the organs
  8. For those who have persistent ailments like urinary incontinence, bleeding, flatulence, etc., take wudu only after making sure that it is time for Prayer

The conditions of Ghusl are the same as the conditions of the wudu. The whole body is only part of the ghusl.

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