01 Feb, 2023 | Wednesday 9-Rajab-1444

Allah, the Almighty, in His mercy and wisdom, favored certain hours, days, and months with His benevolence. Among these months, Ramadan is the month of favor, the month of Al-Qur'an. Of the days of Ramadan, the last ten days are the most meritorious for the acts of recitation of Al-Qur'an, nightly Sunnah prayers, etc., which weigh heavily on the scale of deeds, (mizaan). After all, as we will see, in this month and during these last ten days, it is on one of the odd-numbered days that the annual return of deeds takes place, the night known as the Night of Power.

In a hadith by Bukhari and Muslim, the Messenger's wife related that: "When the month of Ramadan enters its last ten days, the Messenger of Allah (saas) spends his night praying and wakes up his family to join him, and he would tighten his belt."

In this hadith, we see how the Messenger's wife, 'Aishah, (raa), informed us of what took place in her house during the last ten days of Ramadan. This was not the right time for the eyes to get full sleep. The Prophet (saas) didn't do this alone. His whole family was involved and the hadith used the word "tighten his belt" in its figurative sense to mean an all-out seriousness of devotion.