26 Mar, 2023 | Sunday 4-Ramadan-1444

It has been reported that the Messenger of Allah (saas) fasted the second and fifth days of the week, namely, Monday and Thursday. These two days, as the Hadith explained, are the days in which, twice weekly, the deeds are raised into the heavens and are the days of forgiveness. Abu Hurairah related the Messenger of Allah (saas) was asked why he rarely missed these two days of fasting. He replied: "Indeed, the deeds of humanity are exhibited every Monday and Thursday. Then Allah will further pardon every Muslim for every behavior, except the two believers who part from each other's company; Allah will say to the angels delay the two of them. (Ahmed)

He (saas) was asked again. He said I observe this day in fasting because it was a day in which I was born, and on it, the revelation of (Al-Qur'an) was inaugurated." (Muslim)

This hadith added another reason for fasting on Monday. It was Messenger's birthday. This is an indication of the fallacy of the annual celebration of the Prophet`s birthday, which some Muslims observe every year on the 12th of Rabee`ual Awwal. This is nothing but innovation because there is no record of a hadith regarding it. The only thing reported concerning the birth of Muhammad (saas) is this hadith, which is celebrated with fasting on Mondays.

One may ask also why is his birth celebrated. Undoubtedly, the birth of the Seal of the Prophets represents mercy to humanity, as it marked the dawning of a new era in human history.

The inauguration of the Book of Allah, Al-Qur'an, which confirmed and updated previous scriptures occurred on a Monday when Allah (SWT) revealed the first ayah of Al-Qur'an in the cave of Hira. That was an important event because that was the time humanity began receiving the correct updated manual of life.

For a believer who seeks nearness to Allah (SWT) fasting, as mentioned earlier, is an important and proper way to offer worship (Ibadah). Abu Az-Zarr Al-Ghifari (raa) reported that: "The Messenger of Allah (saas) commanded us to fast in every calendar month three days: the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth. The Prophet added fasting these days is like fasting a whole year." (Nasa'e)

There is room in the way these days are observed because there are other Ahadith relating to the Sunnah of three days of fasting that can be observed differently. The report indicated that the Prophet (saas) fasted every month on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. In different months, he would fast Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Elsewhere, he was observed fasting on the first Thursday of the month, the following Monday, and the following Monday. Of these methods, anyone you choose is proper and correct.