29 Mar, 2023 | Wednesday 7-Ramadan-1444
Name Aaween
Arabic عوين
Gender Girls
Meaning pure, clean
Alternate Names Awin, Aween, Aawin
details Aaween is a Kurdish name for girls that means “pure”, “translucent”, “fresh”, “clean”. Its literal meaning is “made of water”, “like water”.
Name Arabic Gender Meaning View
Aayaan آيان Boys improvisation View More
Aayiz عَايِض Boys replacement View More
Aayizah عَايِضَة Girls replacement View More
Aayun أَعْيُن Girls eyes View More
Aazam أعظم Boys greatest, mightiest View More
Aawaz ئاواز Girls melody, tune, song View More
Aatiya عاطية Girls giver, bestower View More
Aatirah عَاطِرَة Girls fragrant View More
Aatiqa عَاتِقَة Girls free View More
Aatiq عَاتِق Boys free View More