29 May, 2023 | Monday 9-Dhu al-Qadah-1444
Name Aabid
Arabic عَابِد
Gender Boys
Meaning Worshiper of Allah
Alternate Names Abed,Aabed,Abid,Aabedd,Abedd,Abidd,Aabidd,Abyd,Aabyd,Abyde,Aabyde
details Aabid is a direct Quranic name for boys that means “worshiper”, “one who worships Allah”. It is used in verse 109:4 of the Quran.
Name Arabic Gender Meaning View
Aabida عَابِدَة Girls one who worships Allah View More
Aabidullah عَابِدُ الله Boys Worshiper of Allah View More
Aabir عَابِر Boys one who interprets dreams/books View More
Aabira عَابِرَة Girls one who interprets dreams/books View More
Aabis عَابِس Boys grim-faced View More
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