Dhu al-Qadah 2023 | 22 May to 20 June 2023

Dhu al-Qadah is the second month of the Islamic calendar and it is the month which comes after Shawwal . Dhu al-Qadah 2023 starts from 22 May to 20 June 2023. Dhu al-Qadah is one of the four sacred months in Islam during which warfare is prohibited, hence the name "Master of Truces".

The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, and months begin when the first crescent of a new moon is sighted. Since the Islamic lunar calendar year is 11 to 12 days shorter than the tropical year

Dhu al-Qadah 2023 Calander

Date Day Hijri
22-May, 2023 Monday 1-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
23-May, 2023 Tuesday 2-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
24-May, 2023 Wednesday 3-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
25-May, 2023 Thursday 4-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
26-May, 2023 Friday 5-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
27-May, 2023 Saturday 6-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
28-May, 2023 Sunday 7-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
29-May, 2023 Monday 8-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
30-May, 2023 Tuesday 9-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
31-May, 2023 Wednesday 10-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
01-June, 2023 Thursday 11-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
02-June, 2023 Friday 12-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
03-June, 2023 Saturday 13-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
04-June, 2023 Sunday 14-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
05-June, 2023 Monday 15-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
06-June, 2023 Tuesday 16-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
07-June, 2023 Wednesday 17-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
08-June, 2023 Thursday 18-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
09-June, 2023 Friday 19-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
10-June, 2023 Saturday 20-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
11-June, 2023 Sunday 21-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
12-June, 2023 Monday 22-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
13-June, 2023 Tuesday 23-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
14-June, 2023 Wednesday 24-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
15-June, 2023 Thursday 25-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
16-June, 2023 Friday 26-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
17-June, 2023 Saturday 27-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
18-June, 2023 Sunday 28-Dhul Qa'ada-1444
19-June, 2023 Monday 29-Dhul Qa'ada-1444